Landlord and Tenant Law

Coates, Coates & Coates, P.A., has experienced attorneys that can assist with the many varying issues that can arise in landlord-tenant relationships.  Whether you are a landlord who needs assistance drafting a lease agreement, are currently renting and are trying to protect your rights as a tenant, or are landlord seeking past-due rent and eviction of a tenant, the attorneys at Coates, Coates & Coates, P.A., are here to help.

Among other issues, the following list includes our various areas of service in landlord and tenant related matters:

  • Lease Disputes
  • Commercial Lease Drafting
  • Residential Lease Drafting
  • Failure to Pay Rent
  • Rent Disputes
  • Tenant Holding Over
  • Forcible Entry and Detainer
  • Security Deposits
  • Commercial Tenancies
  • Residential Leases
  • Commercial Evictions
  • Residential Evictions
  • Rent Escrow
  • Tenant Rights
  • Property Damage
  • Uninhabitable Conditions

If you need legal advice regarding your landlord tenant issue, contact one of the attorneys at Coates, Coates & Coates, P.A., for a free consultation.